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UVM Jazz Performs Zappa

The University of Vermont Jazz Ensemble performed a concert of works by Frank Zappa this evening at the Davis Students Center. The Grand Maple Ballroom was quite full for the concert. The UVM Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Alex Stewart, certainly brought their A-Game.

The group performed arrangements by Ed Palermo, a composer/musician from New York who performs all Zappa music with his own Jazz band. In addition to the 13 Zappa compositions, a piece by UVM bass player, Russ Flynn, was performed. The song sat well in the company of the Zappa originals. There was some obvious influence from Frank Zappa though Flynn’s compositional voice was quite apparent.

The Jazz Ensemble The UVM Jazz Ensemble successfully brought the music of Frank Zappa to Burlington tonight. “The orchestrations are beautiful,” said Said Stewart of the arrangements by Ed Palermo. “They preserve the feeling of the original tunes but find and exploit the jazz character that’s in so much of Zappa’s music.” After this concert, I am inspired to go dig up some original recordings and explore more of the music of Frank Zappa.
Concert Program
A short compilation of the evening can be heard here;
Highlights From UVM Jazz Ensemble Frank Zappa Concert


2 Responses

  1. That first tune on the compilation is real unique. Kind of agressive, I dig that.

    What is it?

  2. That was “King Kong.” Quite a cool tune. They had a gong in front of the band that Alex Stewart kept hitting throughout the song. It was pretty epic.

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