First Day Back Home: Bike Trip

Well, it’s my first full day back home for the summer. I have tons of boxes to empty and plenty of cleaning/organizing to take care of. So how did I spend Day 1 of my summer vacation?

42 mile bike ride.

It was great. It was such a wonderful way to take in all of Vermont again. My dad and I decided that we wanted to take a ride today. We’ve done some stuff around 20 miles together but usually do longer rides on our own in order to set our own pace. Today was a lot of fun though. Not only did I get to spend time with my dad, I got to get back into some serious riding to start the summer off.

We went towards Burlington and decided to take the bike path out to the Colchester Causeway. We biked out to the tip and took a break while enjoying the wonderful panorama of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains to one side and the Adirondaks to the other.

I’m certainly looking forward to some more rides like this soon! Sadly, the weather seems to be disagreeing with me so I’ll get to do some unpacking and start setting up the studio (Pictures to come!)


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