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Allan Holdsworth Live @ Club Metronome

My friend Erik and I went to see Allan Holdsworth and his trio at Club Metronome in Burlington, VT last night. What an amazing show it was! Playing with Allan was Ernest Tibbs on the 6-string bass and the famous Chad Wackerman on drums. The trio couldn’t have been any tighter. Sadly, they only played a 70 minute set and then a short encore (which I’ve included in this post.)

The contrast in moods was great. Everything from ethereal flowing solo guitar to up-beat, fusion tunes. Everyone got several solo spots throughout the night. It was quite obvious that the three were such masterful musicians.

The live sound for this show was wonderful. Chad’s DW drums sounded absolutely gorgeous. Between songs he would take a moment to check the tuning on his toms to make sure that they sang as beautifully as they could. His careful attention to detail is definitely something I admire about him. The bass tone was beautiful. Tibbs’ approach was quite melodic for, which made great use of the extended range of the 6-string. Of course, Allan had his usual dual combo, dual cab Hughes & Kettner amp setup along with a setup of Yamaha magicstomp effects pedals.

After the show, Erik and I hung around and talked with the guys. All of them were very nice, especially considering that they’d just played a show and it was now time to pack up and get to the hotel. Ernest talked music with us for a while then I talked drums and music with Chad for a bit. Erik and I offered to help move gear so we grabbed some drums, cabs and amps and helped move them out to their van.

Allan Holdsworth
Ernest Tibbs
Chad Wackerman

Recording of Encore:


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