A Gorgeous Day for a Bike Ride in Vermont

73ºF, Sunny, light breeze. I couldn’t resist going out for a ride in the gorgeous weather today. I decided that Burlington would be the right place to go so I hopped on the bike and headed for Burlington.

I took Williston Rd. to S. Brownell, then Shunpike Rd. to 116 and Kennedy Drive. Then I hopped on Dorset St. and took a shortcut to Spear St. I followed the Champlain Bike Path down into South Burlington, then met up with the Burlington Bike Path and followed that along the waterfront.

The view was great! Some boats were out, people were enjoying the day and Burlington seemed alive and well. As I continued along the bike path, I remembered that today was the day of the Burlington Marathon. I made my way along the bike path until I got to where the end of the marathon was. The vibe was wonderful amongst all of the runners, supporters and casual onlookers (like myself).

After hanging out for a bit I decided to ride up to the Church St. Marketplace and walk around a bit. Church St. is probably one of my favorite places in Vermont, especially on a day like today. There were plenty of people out enjoying the weather and the shops along the marketplace. There were some street performers out entertaining people as I walked along with my bike.

I stayed downtown for a while longer then decided to make my way back via Pine St. and then meet up with my original route. All in all, a 23 mile ride on another gorgeous day in Vermont.


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