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The Skinny Pancake: Veggie Monster

You may have seen their cart on the lower blocks of Church St. before. Maybe you’ve noticed that a local musician is scheduled to play at their restaurant down near the Burlington Waterfront. But if you haven’t walked through those doors and ordered yourself a skinny pancake, you just haven’t lived.

The Skinny Pancake makes crepes of all different varieties. They can make great meals, snacks and even decadent desserts. During the Discover Jazz Festival, Alice and my mom and I decided to partake in the fine foods of the Skinny Pancake. On this jazzy evening I decided to try out the “Veggie Monster.” The funny thing about the crepes served at the Skinny Pancake is that they all look the same on the plate. As I looked at the other meals at my table, I wondered how the waitress was even able to tell them apart.

But sure enough, as I cut into my crepe, I realized that I’d gotten the right one. The “Veggie Monster” contained spinach, roasted red peppers, sautéed onions, and cheddar cheese. At first bite, it reminded me of a tasty omelet. As I continued to enjoy my dinner, I realized it was packed with even more flavor than an omelet. This was something quite unique.

In addition to the unique and tasty food, there is often live music at the Skinny Pancake. Live music dates/times are posted on their calendar.

I conclude that the Skinny Pancake is yet another one of Burlington’s unique food spots, up there with American Flatbread (see blog post) and the Red Onion. This isn’t the kind of food you can find just anywhere.


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