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Bush vs. McCain – Any difference?

This video says it all. It’s time for change. We’ve missed out on 8 years of progress due to President Bush being in office. Let’s not miss out on 4 more by electing McCain. Watch the vide, take the challenge.

[Disclaimer: I don’t usually post stuff relating to politics here because I’d rather focus on the music and whatnot but this is extremely important. This election will make a huge difference in not just the future of the United States but the future of the world.]


One Response

  1. McStain is a bumbling old war-mongering fool who dumped his wife (due to her car accident injury), was implicated in the Keating 5 scandal, and defecated on the First Amendment with McCain-Feingold. He wants perpetual war and has a brain full of rotten pudding. He will be worse than Bush (thought it is hard to believe it now).

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