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Big update!

VYOA Music Day Camp – SUCCESS!
This summer brought another awesome week of teaching at the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association’s Music Day Camp. I was the percussion instructor for the week of music camp with 7th-10th graders. It was a very fun week for the staff as well as the campers. Wonderful music was made throughout the week and it all culminated in a very nicely done concert on Friday afternoon. I look forward to teaching at the camp next summer!

New Bass Amp :: Line 6 Low Down 110

I’ve been searching for a low-cost bass amp to use for my own bass playing as well as recording for a while now. I recently came across the Line 6 Low Down Studio 110. It’s a 75 watt, 10″ speaker combo with four preset tones; Clean; R&B; Rock and Grind. I started out just using the “Clean” tone but have begun experimenting with the other presets and I’m quite impressed. That little amp packs some serious tone! It’s perfect for my needs (and was certainly in my price range – the amp goes for $250 new). I will certainly look forward to getting some serious use out of it.

Leaving for Africa Soon :: T-3 Days and Counting
I will be spending three weeks in Ghana starting on July 4th. I’ll be spending two days with a friend of mine (who is also going to be on the trip) in New York City before we leave. I’ll be flying down to the city early on Wednesday morning and then our group leaves JFK late in evening on Thursday. I’m really looking forward to getting to spend two days hanging out in the city, checking out music and music stores but I’m totally stoked about Ghana! Three weeks is some serious time to spend in a country like Ghana. I feel that I’ve done a decent job of preparing myself for whatever “culture shock” may lay ahead.

My trip is focused around the dance and drumming traditions in Ghana. As a percussionist, this is a dream come true for me. I’ll be studying daily with master drummer Kwasi Dunyo in the village of Dagbamete. The experience will be something unlike any other I have ever received. All the planning, saving, researching and learning leads up to this trip, which is only days away. I’m excited beyond words.

I will return with many pictures, videos and recordings from my time there. I’ll be armed with my trusty Zoom H4 handheld recorder and my simple (but reliable) Canon digital camera.

I’ll post more specifics about the trip tomorrow (after some packing).


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