Animated Video to “Creep” by Radiohead

I’m a Radiohead fan. I think they are one of the most artistic mainstream bands of their time and I don’t see their flame dying out anytime soon. I’m the type of fan who loves to research the band a bit and find related things. A while ago I came across a film project remix of “Nude” off of the album In Rainbows [see here]. Recently I found an animation to accompany one of Radiohead’s most popularly recognized songs, “Creep.”

The style of the animation is perfect for the song. Low Morale: Creep is an animation that took Laith Bahrani three months to create. The end result is a perfect synergy between animation and music. Bahrani didn’t go over the top; didn’t use any pyrotechnics, blue screens or on-location filming. This video stays true to the Radiohead vibe. Check it out and see if you don’t think so yourself.

Low Morale: Creep


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