Dinner Review: 1844 House Potsdam, NY

This evening, Alice and I went to the 1844 House in Potsdam, NY for dinner. It was a quaint little house on Rt. 11 with amazing food.

We arrived at 5:05pm and were promptly seated in a room just off of the entrance. We sat at a small square table in the corner of the room with a candle and some foliage. We decided to go with the early dining menu. This menu included an appetizer, entree, desert, drink and bread basket for each of us for $15.00/person.

I chose the Soup Du Jour which was a Tomato and Basil soup. The consistency was perfect. Seasoning was good and could have been even stronger. While enjoying the soup, I tried some of the bread with a basil spread. The bread was soft and fresh and the spread left you wanting more.

We were both brought complimentary raspberry sorbet scoops to cleanse our palettes. I enjoyed another piece of bread and after about five minute we were served our main entree. I chose the Grilled Tuscan Chicken. It was served with a small, fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette. The chicken melted in my mouth!

After finishing the main entree, I enjoyed a slice of coconut creme pie. This sealed it. I finished my Cocoa cola, savored the last piece of pie and washed it down with a glass of ice water. What a satisfying dinner it was!

The service was wonderful. We were never kept waiting and everything was exactly how we ordered it. During the meal, I believe a satellite Jazz radio station was playing in the background. They definitely know how to set the mood. I’d give it a 10/10 – Definitely worth visiting if you’re ever up in St. Lawrence


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