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Review: Remington – NYC Indie/Dance Rock band doing all the right things

I had the privilege of doing sound and logistics for the band Remington this past Friday when they played at Hurley’s Night Club in Potsdam, NY. Remington is an Indi/Dance Rock/Power Pop trio from New York City comprised of music majors. They are all in their early 20’s and in their musical prime.

On Friday, September 26th, Hurley’s was full people taking in the signature sounds of Remington. Over 100 people turned out to check them band out. Some of them were already fans, others were experiencing Remington for the first time. Regardless, I think everyone walked away from the show having satisfied their appetite for live music that evening.

The guys of Remington are class acts to be sure. I have never worked with a more humble band and they are certainly role models for other musicians out there (including myself) working their way into the music industry. They were grateful for whatever they could get and helpful in any way possible. It definitely didn’t hurt that the music of Remington is some of the catchiest new music I’ve heard. You can’t help but smile and want to dance when these guys take the stage.

During the show, they played through a variety of their songs, ranging from material off of their debut EP, “Songs for Our Friends” to the latest “The Warm Winter.” The arrangements were creative, evolving from the original studio versions. Transitions were tight and the audience was right there with them. During the final tune of their set, bass player Mike Thurber set down his bass while drummer Greg Evans and guitarist Ross Mintzer continued to vamp a section. Mike jumped off stage and started passing out noise-makers and glow sticks. When he hopped back on stage, he lead the audience through a laughter-filled session of audience participation.

After the show, the guys hung around their merch table, where they gave out their CDs for free and sold their shirts for $5. Remington is truly a band for the fans. They want everyone to be able to have their music. To anyone with a venue, book these guys! You’ll be quite happy you did.

    ~Click Here For Pictures From The Show~

Download all of Remington’s albums for free at: Remingtonmusic.org
Join their fan page: Remington Facebook Fan Page
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