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Very cool electronic/experimental band :: Baja

In my weekly CD reviews for my college radio station (WAIH “The Way” 90.3FM out of SUNY Potsdam) I often come across some uniquely awesome music [which I will try to start writing about more often]. This week was no different.

I was buzzing through CDs as usual, marking down track times, tempos and writing my overall reviews when I put a CD in by the German band Baja. The CD, entitled “Wolfhour” struck me as something experimentally different but quite enjoyable. Most of the songs are instrumental (all except three). These were texturally interesting songs in that the music didn’t focus on driving ostinati and thick bass lines. There is a great deal of acoustic instrumentation (some of which has been digitally altered). The result is a captivating electronic album with an often organic base. This might make it more accessible for those who don’t often find themselves listening to such music in their daily lives.

Band: Baja
Album: Wolfhour

1. Meth Arrow
2. The Veau
3. Wolfhour
4. Phrem
5. Go Wolpertinger! Go!
6. Djilas Plus
7. Bous Makel
8. Return to Anthol (Ghosts in Denial)
9. Paperblades And Ponytails

My favorite track of the album right now: “Bous Makel”

Please check them out on myspace:

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