iPod Touch :: Review

It’s been a few weeks since my 16g iPod Touch arrived. I’ve had time to use just about all of it’s features and test its capabilities. 

Out of Box:
My excitement was at a peak when I opened the box for the iPod Touch and slide the casing out. I opened the lid, pulled back the protective film on the iPod and smiled. I realized that this was most likely the last time I would see my iPod in such pristine condition.

The moment passed quickly and I pulled out the iPod and cable, quickly hooking it up to my MacBook Pro. I had to run a quick update to iTunes 8.0 but then I was good to go. The iPod Touch was fully charged and I threw an album or two on it before running to rehearsal.

Ease of Use:
I have yet to look at any sort of directions for the iPod Touch. Honestly, these days, you shouldn’t have to. Most of these things work right out of the box and, if needed, have dialog boxes that appear as you first set the unit up.

Putting music on the iPod Touch is just as easy as loading music on any iPod. Due to my huge library of music, a smaller library for the iPod Touch was created and I can drag and drop music into it. Downloading applications is simple as well. As soon as they’re downloaded, you can sync your iPod and you’re good to go. You can even download apps with Wi-Fi and not even use your computer.

Physical Design:
This little guy is light and skinny! I need to get it a protective casing our something because it does feel kind of vulnerable sometimes. While the front side (display) hasn’t gotten scratched at all and is supposedly quite scratch resistant, the backside is already “well worn.” 

The location of the four buttons is great. The “power” button is easily accessible on the top of the iPod and volume is just around the corner (on the side). The only thing that I didn’t like was that the “home” button (I call it that because it brings you back to what would essentially be your desktop) is so close to the touch screen that I’ve hit it during my finger frenzies of playing Pac Man. I guess it happens.

I’ve decided that the screen is the perfect size. I’ve read emails, surfed the web, read blogs, watched YouTube videos and scrolled through my photo library on it and was quite impressed with the quality and size of the images. 

Connecting the internet is so simple. It’s just as easy as connecting via WiFi on any laptop. The iPod Touch searches for the strongest signal and acquires it once you’ve entered the password (if applicable). You only have to enter passwords once so joining your usual network is automatic.

I’ve enjoyed the myriad of control capabilities that WiFi allows for such as the application Remote. This allows you to control iTunes on any computer as long as you’ve paired your iPod to that computer previously. I can access my entire library and play music in my dorm room without walking over to my laptop. This is quite nice when I wake up in the morning and want to listen to tunes as I rub the sleep out of my eyes.  

There are far too many awesome features to mention but suffice to say that the iPod Touch was definitely a good investment. A+!



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  1. Thanks.

    Really helpful. This is going to be number one on my Christmas list. 🙂


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