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Left Ear Trio @ Hurley’s

On Friday night the Left Ear Trio came to play a show at Hurley’s, the on campus venue at SUNY Potsdam that I manage. I had seen these guys performing on Church St. in Burlington, Vermont during the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival last summer. I talked to their organ player, Andy Carballeira, about bringing them up for a show sometime. After some planning and conversation, we were able to set up the show.

For those of you who don’t know, Hurley’s has been closed since Oct. ’08  due to fire code issues. The college went in and did some renovations over winter break, we ordered new furniture and new carpet and planned to reopen at the beginning of the semester. Left Ear Trio was the first band to perform in Hurley’s since the space was closed.  They did not disappoint. 

The guys from the Left Ear Trio were very kind and quite humorous at times. They showed up right on time for load-in and we got all of their gear set up. It turns out that Andy had broken his collar bone only several days prior in a skiing accident but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from laying down some of the funkiest organ sounds that Hurley’s had ever heard. You can read the show review from the Racquette newspaper here.

We  ran through soundcheck and all was working well. Monitors were good and the house speakers were cranking out some funky tunes.

We had about 100 people out for the show which is right around our maximum occupancy for a semi-seated/standing show. Everyone was really enjoying it and that made the night that much more fun for me. I consider a show a success when there are people filling the space and having a great time. 

Andy mentioned to me that some of their friends were playing a show over at the Java on St. Lawrence’s campus on Saturday night. The band, Otis Grove, was another organ trio from Boston. More on that show in the next post. 

Here are some pictures from Hurley’s:




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