Otis Grove gets funky at Java

Upon recommendation of Andy Carballeira from the band Left Ear Trio, I attended the Otis Grove show at Java over at St. Lawrence University. I’m so glad I was at this show!

Otis Grove is an organ trio, like the Left Ear Trio, based out of Boston. They play all around the United States and have even toured Europe. The members are alumni of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. They’re also signed to the popular jam/funk/etc. label Ropeadope Records. And on Saturday night, they laid down some super funky tunes.

The trio played two sets totaling to about 3 hours and 20 minutes of music. It was one of those shows where, had it been any other style of music, I might not have been standing at the end. But these guys wouldn’t let you stop grooving. Their energy seemed endless and it certainly gave me the energy to stay on my feet. 

Between sets I talked to their drummer, Blake Goedde, about their music. We discussed the possibility of bringing them to Hurley’s sometime in the not to distant future (fingers crossed!).

After the show, I got both of their CDs and have had them playing back to back with the CD I got from the Left Ear Trio after their show. I played tracks off both bands’ CDs on my radio show, Eclectic Mondays, on 90.3FM WAIH “The Way” on monday night. Several people IM’d me to let me know how much they enjoyed the tunes. 

If you get a chance to catch these guys live, DON’T PASS IT UP!

Some pictures from the show:





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