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The Brew @ SLU

It wasn’t until 6pm on Thursday evening that I found out that The Brew was playing a show that night at the Java (St. Lawrence University). I have a 7:30-9pm class on Thursdays and the show started at 10 so I knew I’d have enough time to get over there for the full show. 

Some friends of mine from the WAIH (90.3FM :: The Way – SUNY Potsdam’s College Radio Station) told me about the show. I’d honestly never heard of The Brew but a quick check of their myspace made it clear to me that this was yet another show I could not miss. 

The Brew is one of those unique kinds of bands that can fuse lots of different styles together and make it sound cohesive and enjoyable. I love bands like that! I listen to a lot of different musical styles so it’s a rare treat when I find elements of lots of them in a single band. Throughout the night, I noticed bits of reggae, jazz, funk, alternative, prog, rock and ambient/experimental music. 

The 4-piece group is made up of keys, bass, guitar and drums. The keyboard player, Chris Plante, did most of the vocals along with the Guitarist, Dave Drouin. Chris and Joe, the bass player, happen to be brothers. Joe covered some vocal harmonies throughout the night as well. Kelly Kane, the drummer laid down some solid grooves throughout the night. He also busted out some intense drum breaks. 

I couldn’t resist picking up their CD, Back To The Woods, after the show. After an energetic show, I love to bring a bit of the music home with me. It’s tough for a CD to match up to the vibe of live music but this CD captures the band quite well.

Here are a few pictures I took at the show:

I’m looking forward to catch more music at Java next Thursday when Rubblebucket Orchestra plays there!


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