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Happy Record Store Day!

Yep, it’s Record Store Day. Go out and support your local independent record store. Most of us have moved on to purchasing music online whether it’s a download through iTunes or an album from Amazon.com but when was the last time you set foot in an independently owned record store? The employees are typically some of the most knowledgeable music lovers around. They know about all the new albums coming out and even some of the fun facts surrounding the releases.

Sadly, with the growth of e-commerce (which can still be a good thing), the independently owned record stores are dwindling. Many are fighting for their lives. They are supported by the dedicated few who love stopping by the local store and browsing through the racks of music or those who want to pick up a new release the day it comes out.

I will be stopping by at Strawberry Fields Music Store in downtown Potsdam, NY (8 Market St.) later today to pick up an album and say hi. I invite you to do the same at your local record shop today. Strike up a conversation too. You might be in for a treat.



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