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Hello, I’m Ben O’Brien Smith and music is my life. I’ve been listening to music all my life and playing music for the past 11 years. When I was eight years old I started “playing” guitar. This involved turning on the radio and strumming along (note that nothing I was playing at that point had much to do with the music I was playing along with except maybe the general rhythm/tempo). My uncle Joel helped me get my first guitar. The following year I starting playing percussion in the school band program at the advisement of my uncle. This was quite possibly the best decision I have ever made. Uncle Joel changed my life and continues to be on of my biggest musical inspirations. Over the course of middle school and high school I played percussion in just about any ensemble/situation I could. I was hooked for life. About five years ago I decided that music was the basis of my future and I began to think about attending a music school for a Bachelor’s degree.

I spent July ’08 in Ghana (West Africa) studying music. It was an amazing trip that I wish I could have extended for another month. It was absolutely amazing there and the people were wonderful. I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’ve been working at several music camps with the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association including teaching percussion at their Music Day Camp and being a counselor at their VYOA Reveille! overnight music camp. The experiences have been amazing and I’ve really enjoyed spending my time with them.

I’m a junior at the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam in the middle of nowhere Upstate New York. I’m a music performance major and a music business minor. I’m in my element.

I ran the on campus music venue at SUNY Potsdam for a year and a half. I was responsible for booking, publicity, maintaining equipment, and running sound. I’m also a DJ at the college radio station, 90.3FM WAIH :: “The Way.” I host my own show, Eclectic Mondays, from 8-9pm every Monday evening. I also do a format hour playing music on our playlist from 9-10pm on Tuesdays. I’m an engineer for Madstop Records, the student-run record label. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m also and staff writer and photographer for the Racquette newspaper.

I should also mention that back in high school I developed an interest in audio recording. I started out with a simple Tascam 788 8-track digital recorder and a pair of microphones from my uncle (the one who got me started on percussion). The summer before my freshmen year of college I decided to get a MacBook Pro laptop and a portable Pro Tools rig. Every since then I’ve been collecting recording equipment and recording everything I can.

In addition to my musical endeavors, I have grown a strong interest in photography over the course of the past year. In January of 2010 I began my first 365 photo-a-day challenge. Alongside the usual photographs I post here, I will be posting one photo every day until December 31st, 2010 on my 365 Photography Project blog.


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  1. Yo, Ben…

    Looks like you’ve got a pretty hot show there on AIH. I (falesch.wordpress.com) just moved to the area and glad I can hear the station via ‘net stream (I’m in Ogdensburg, just a little outside the range of your 100 watt xmtr). I’ll try to listen “EM” tomorrow.

    Ciao, Bob.

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