Sunday Evening Sunset

Couldn’t resist snapping a shot of the beautiful sunset over Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains last night. The colors were spectacular and the clouds actually added to it nicely. I hope to get a few like this downtown in the coming months as well.

Adirondack Sunset | 6.7.09

Adirondack Sunset | 6.7.09


Rubblebucket Orchestra @ Java Barn :: St. Lawrence University | 2.12.09

The show was amazing and the band was solid. If you get the opportunity to see Rubblebucket Orchestra live, don’t pass it up! They’re gigging all throughout the Northeast right now so make sure you get out to one of their shows (if not more!).

Here are some pictures I shot at the show:

Still enjoying the DSLR

It’s been about a month now since I purchased my first DSLR camera, the Canon 400D “Rebel XTi.” I’ve been having lots of fun learning as much as I can about it’s capabilities, limitations and photography itself. One of my best resources so far has been the Canon Digital Photography Forum. There are some extremely helpful, experienced members who post seemingly as often as they breath. 

I constantly find myself wandering into the different gear sections, checking out lenses and accessories. First up on my wish list is a Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens to use for low light photography (at shows) and good depth of field shots (with the low f-stop). Next up is likely a remote and possibly a good flash. So far I think that the Canon Speedlite 430ex. It may be a while before that purchase though. 

Here are some samples of my recent pictures:

My New DSLR Camera :: Canon Rebel XTi

I’ve been searching for a pro-sumer level camera for about four months now and I finally came across a great deal on the camera that caught my eye a while ago. I purchased it from Green Mountain Camera in Waterbury, VT. Luckily, I was home for a long weekend (off for Columbus Day) and had some amazing photo opportunities to start working with the camera.

Here’s an album of some of the shots I took over the weekend:

Weekend In Vermont