Will Bernard & Friends lay it down at Nectar’s

Will Bernard and his band provided an unforgettable night of music on Tuesday at Nectar’s. Along side Bernard were Tim Luntzel, Robert Walter and one of the funkiest New Orleans drummers ever, Stanton Moore.

It was clear after the first few songs that this show was not meant to be all about Will Bernard. The group played originals by every member of the band over the course of the evening. The musical conversation was always good and even, at times, quite humorous.

The masters of funk played all the way up until 2am, leaving the audience exhausted but entirely satisfied. The musicians were all grateful for the enthusiastic crowd. I finally got my opportunity to meet Stanton Moore, a drummer whom I’ve been listening to and admiring for quite a few  years. He was incredibly kind and more than willing to sign a copy of his album III for me. I took a moment to thank the rest of the band members for the show as well.

Will Bernard | Nectar's 6.9.09

Will Bernard | Nectar's 6.9.09

I also managed to catch James Harvey and Garuda playing at the bottom block of Church St. as part of the Twilight Jazz series earlier in the evening. I can’t remember the last time I saw James Harvey play drums but it was definitely enjoyable. The rest of his ensemble was with him every step of the way, providing a nice period of early evening entertainment.

What I love seeing the most is all the people that show up for these events. The demographic is usually somewhat unpredictable but the turnout has been much higher for such events in the past couple of years. I can remember attending things like the “Meet the Artist” sessions and being one of no more than 10 people in the audience. Now, the Flynn Space gets comfortable full for the educational events on a regular basis.

Looking forward to the first night of Lettuce tonight.

James Harvey & Garuda | Church St. 6.9.09

James Harvey & Garuda | Church St. 6.9.09

A captive audience enjoying the music of the Twilight Jazz Series on Church St.

A captive audience enjoying the music of the Twilight Jazz Series on Church St.


Fiuczynski rolls in on the KiF Express

Last night was David “Fuze” Fiuczynski’s KiF at Nectar’s, followed by Raq guitarist Chris Michetti with his band. Both bands certainly brought their “A” game for the night. 

Fuze went on at 9:30pm, playing material off of his latest album, KiF Express. His band was with him at every turn. There were certainly times when the crowd just didn’t know what to make of his music and were simply awed. 

Michette took the stage at 11:30 and tore it up with more progressive rock-based music. Though his band couldn’t compare to Fuze’s in talent, they were just as tight.

At a $5 cover, this was certainly the best bang for the buck.  Nectar’s is certainly off to a great start on their part for the festival.

David "Fuze" Fiuczynski | Nectar's 6.6.09

David "Fuze" Fiuczynski | Nectar's 6.6.09

David Fiuczynski @ KiF

David Fiuczynski & KiF | Nectar's 6.6.09

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival ’09

Here’s what’s on my menu so far:

Thur. 6.4.09
Left Ear Trio @ Ri Ra Pub

Fri. 6.5.09
Esperanza Spalding & Anat Cohen @ Flynn

Sat. 6.6.09
Revision @ Red Square
David “Fuze” Fiuczynski & Michetti @ Nectar’s

Sun. 6.7.09
Michael Louis Smith Coalition @ Half Lounge

Mon. 6.8.09
General musical wandering…

Tues. 6.9.09
CVU Jazz @ City Hall Stage (Church St.)
James Harvey & Garuda @ City Hall Stage (Church St.)
Will Bernard Group (Will Bernard, Tim Luntzel, Stanton Moore, Robert Walter) @ Nectar’s

Wed. 6.10.09
Gordon Stone @ Lawson Lane Stage
Japhy Ryder @ Fountain Stage (Church St.)
Lettuce @ Metronome

Thur. 6.11.09
Lettuce & Porter, Baptiste, Stoltz @ Waterfront Funk Tent

Fri. 6.12.09
Rubblebucket Orchestra @ Fountain Stage for Block Party
Branford Marsalis @ Flynn
Marco Benevento Trio @ Metronome

Sat. 6.13.09
Rubblebucket Orchestra @ Nectar’s

Sun. 6.14.09
General musical wandering…

I plan to catch all sorts of other things around town as I hear about them/hear them. I’ll take pictures and maybe some audio as well and I’ll do my best to post throughout the week.

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival
Picture 1

Allan Holdsworth Live @ Club Metronome

My friend Erik and I went to see Allan Holdsworth and his trio at Club Metronome in Burlington, VT last night. What an amazing show it was! Playing with Allan was Ernest Tibbs on the 6-string bass and the famous Chad Wackerman on drums. The trio couldn’t have been any tighter. Sadly, they only played a 70 minute set and then a short encore (which I’ve included in this post.)

The contrast in moods was great. Everything from ethereal flowing solo guitar to up-beat, fusion tunes. Everyone got several solo spots throughout the night. It was quite obvious that the three were such masterful musicians.

The live sound for this show was wonderful. Chad’s DW drums sounded absolutely gorgeous. Between songs he would take a moment to check the tuning on his toms to make sure that they sang as beautifully as they could. His careful attention to detail is definitely something I admire about him. The bass tone was beautiful. Tibbs’ approach was quite melodic for, which made great use of the extended range of the 6-string. Of course, Allan had his usual dual combo, dual cab Hughes & Kettner amp setup along with a setup of Yamaha magicstomp effects pedals.

After the show, Erik and I hung around and talked with the guys. All of them were very nice, especially considering that they’d just played a show and it was now time to pack up and get to the hotel. Ernest talked music with us for a while then I talked drums and music with Chad for a bit. Erik and I offered to help move gear so we grabbed some drums, cabs and amps and helped move them out to their van.

Allan Holdsworth
Ernest Tibbs
Chad Wackerman

Recording of Encore: